The young and the stupid

I’m afraid to read my e-mail. I really am just avoiding it. I mean, I was man enough to come out and apologize for what happened, even though it’s a very awkward topic. I mean… do you apologize for this sort of thing? Yes, in our culture- our C.O.G culture, you do. But in the secular world, you don’t.

So I’m left torn. I apologized, but when I speak to my secular friends they are like, “What the hell are you apologizing for?” And I’m left thinking and trying to figure out where I stand. And then I had to wonder, am I sorry I did it, or am I sorry I got caught?

It wasn’t until this happened that I realized just how much of what I do affects others. It really was never ever real to me that my decisions affect other people at all. But, I really put a dent on someones life, and I get it now. Would I take it back? Yes, I would. I mean, it wasn’t necessary. But it did happen and so I’m not regretting it, I’m just trying to make it right.

So am I sorry I did it? Or am I just sorry I got caught?
Well, I’m sorry I did it.
And it just plain sucks we got caught, heh.


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