Home again

First of all, IT’S BRITTANY’S 19TH BIRTHDAY. So happy happy birthday to my beautiful younger sister whom I am so proud of. She’s my best friend and an amazing girl.

I’m lucky to have her

In other news, life is going fine. I am happy. I went to my Dads house tonight- ALL BY MYSELF (no Britt)- and was completely myself. You don’t understand how big that is. After he remarried Brittany and I became a little reserved, and as the years passed, we become more and more secluded while there. After a few years we started visiting only every other weekend, and then when I went away to school Britt started going only once a month, or once every two months. When I returned home we tried to go once a month… tried. When we were there, we didn’t have so much to say and were kind of lifeless. Plus, since I was depressed or semi depressed or just not normal, I was even more dull. But lately I’ve been warming up again, now that I’m more secure and much happier. I love my younger (step) siblings and seeing the family is a good thing. So tonight I was lively and happy, and everyone noticed. They were happy to see me and my Dad looked at me and was just like, “Che che, my little che che”. He always says stuff like, (che che was my nickname forever when I was younger, and then turned to Che babe, which has stuck), but it was just nice. I mean, it’s the home I always wanted and never had. I used to resent it a bit. But now, finally, It’s good to visit home. My home.


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