The most jumbled entry ever

Can you imagine if you were given the opportunity to say one thing to who ever you wanted. It didn’t have to be just one person, you would be able to go to as many people as you wanted but you could only tell them one thing. Think of all the friends, or ex friends, and family and people you know only through other people but you still have strong opinions on…. what would you say? Say it woulnd’t be strange that you’re talking to them because, “Oh it’s che’s 1thing to say day.” but anything. That would be so hard because you’d be thinking of everything you’ve ever wanted to tell them, but then you realize they aren’t important enough and you’d keep thinking of new things to say. I don’t know where that came from but it’s good to think about because though you won’t get a chance to tell everyone what you think, occasionally you do get the chance to tell some one what’s on your mind, so you should probably be ready as not to waste it by later thinking, “Dammit! I should have said THIS instead.”


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