I’m happy! 2006 didn’t knock me down, it knocked me around to the next part of life: A good part =)

Tonight is New Years Eve!!! and tomorrow is the first day of 2007, the beginning of another year. I’m pretty excited. WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN THIS TIME AROUND? Who knows but the suprises around every bend that I’m not yet aware of make me pretty anxious and.. once again, excited. I love knowing things are going to happen to me, but also not knowing what. Life’s a rush man. If I had known what this year was going to hold for me last New Years Eve.. jeez I don’t know if I would have been able to handle it. This year I found myself. next year I’ll learn even more and who knows what else.

Then Tuesday I’m finally going to see Joshy. Party in Seaside. Ha… holler.

Kris Ware called me yesterday. How random but cool. Andrew and Matt H came and ate today at chilis ❤

I’m going to get gone.


Don’t lose touch

Today was excellent. I got these sweet Chucks

and spent the day with Britt. I went to tire farm and had my tire fixed. “Pop your trunk.” “I did!” “No you popped your hood.” Let’s just say the guys were very patient with me and awesome because they laughed along with my naive car knowledge. I felt comfortable and never once dumb, and to top it off they sealed it and put it back on for free. Nice. Had a nice lunch with Britt and Tony, did some shopping. Then tonight me and Britt saw ALEXIS for the first time in over ten years. She’s great. My long lost cousin suddenly isn’t so long lost anymore. It was great. Then went to Shauns for a little, then to Tony’s to play Wii (which is a lot of fun. I mean, a lot). Talked with Tony for a long time and now I’m home. I just painted my nails black. I’m pretty happy =)

Tomorrow I’m getting up by 11, cleaning my room, hopefully getting a hair cut.. and then just before 2 it’s off to the airport to pick up Mark! Haven’t seen his scrawny self in 3 years. This is going to be fun.

Was Happier Wish I

I’m glad the semester’s over. But, I keep forgetting Monday is Christmas. I’ll be thinking, “What am I doing Monday? Nothing. Huh, I should have Matt and Andrew come over then. —Oooh, wait, thats Christmas.” Then later that day. “What am I doing Monday? Nothing. I should try to pick up a shift at work. ……….Oh, duh, it’s Christmas.”

Well, he killed it. Jon texted me a few days ago and just disgusted me with what he said. I just don’t even want to be good friends with him anymore. I just want to break free completely. But I’m still visiting Tennessee in February because I love me so lee people.

Merryhappy Chrismahanakwanzica. (Im mad they didn’t play those commercials this year!)

God: more proof in the life of Che

So I was driving around at 1ish in the morning, taking video in different areas trying to piece together this idea I had. So, I’m in the park sitting on a bench when I hear this pop sound and screeching tires. I turn and see this car speeding by and it’s lights disappear. I freeze, wondering at first if he hit the guard rail or popped a tire. A few minutes later another car goes by and doesn’t stop, so I figure nothing major happened. As I walked through the grass to leave the park this BIRD flies off the ground from two inches in front of me and scampers away. (I figure it was a bird, though it was too dark to see.) All I heard was what sounded like the startled coos of either a pigeon or a dove, neither of which I actually believe it to be. So that freaked me out. A lot. But regardless I, shaking, get back in my car and drive around some more. So, about twenty minutes later I’m driving on that same road that I heard the screeching and popping, only going the opposite way that the other car was heading. All of a sudden I see a huge dead deer right in front of my car and I realize I’m all of ten seconds away from hitting it. I swerve to the right and lose control of my car. Just as I do that, two cops pass by and turn on their lights. I gain control of my car (now I’m really shaking) and head home. The cops stop behind me and then turn around. Fortunately, they didn’t pull me over. I’ve never been pulled over and I was so scared I was about to be. But instead they stopped at the deer (realizing why I had just swerved so erratically). My heart was beating so fast. Not only did I just miss hitting a deer by mere seconds, but then I lost control of my car. Two chances to wreck. Two chances I avoided due  some to fast instincts but more so to a helping hand.

Now I realize that pop wasn’t a blown tire or a guard rail. It wasn’t a pop either. That noise was the sound of someone smashing into a deer and screeching to a stop. I guess their car wasn’t totaled and they decided to keep going. All I know is this is more proof God exists and is always watching over me. He saved me from ruining my car.. twice.

I take it back

I take something back from my last entry. I am happy. Just not about every single thing in my life. Over is what counts though, and over all I am happy. So, keep that in perspective.

I’m exhausted. And.. damn bartender is a shady ass.

(I wannnaaaaa loveeeeeee youuu foreveeeeeeer)