Canon ZR500, Premiere and Algebra

So Adobe Premiere is supposed to rival Mac’s FinalCutPro, which I also have in the house. However I personally use a PC, so I dled Premiere. I have NO idea how to use this program. I succesfully did learn how to clip my audio and video to create my own starting and ending points. I also some how put a lightning bolt in the middle of the video. However, I dont know how to view such additions to the video while editing it. It’s like I have to save it and preview it. I dont understand this shit. Also, some of the graphics I tried to put in just wouldn’t work. This is all because I don’t understand what I’m doing. So tomorrow I’ll be off to Barnes and Noble to get whatever book I can find. Hopefully theres a Adobe Premiere 6.5 for Dummies book somewhere?

Secondly I bought my digital camcorder today. I was going to wait until I had more money to buy a better one, but this will do for now. This is a lot easier to use, and I’ve got it all down by now. The effects are silly but fun. Regardless, it’s better than my crappy HP DIGITAL CAMERA I was using to record video. All in all, I better learn this program because I know it gives me the potential to make some impressive shit. Unfortunately Windows Movie Maker is a lot easier to figure out. I always have had a hard time with Adobe.

On a different note, math class in 3 1/2 hours. I’m debating whether I should even go to bed at all. After math I have a hell of a lot of English hw to do before that class at 1:30. However, after English I’m free as a bird so I can sleep the day away if I want to. So.. I should go to bed, then just suffer between the hours of 7-3:30. After those grueling 8 hours (ha omgosh, 8 HOURS!) I can sleep all I want. Okay I’ll take a power nap between 10-11. Jeez, next semester I’m not taking a single class before 10, and even thats pushing it. I choose 11 to be the earliest.



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