Im in the process of quitting smoking. Everytime I want one, I think about actually buying a pack and how I’d actually be disappointed in myself if I lit up a cigarette. So, I think this is going to be for real. Plus I chewed that gum that helps you quit today and it did help me, seeing as a few days ago I was in a cold sweat. Today I was fine, except maybe a taad irritable. I cant wait to be fully done with them. Ah, they make me so tired, and give me headaches, and theyre smelly and unattractive. Plus I’ve been giving up a lot lately and this just is perfectly in there too. Bye bye lung cancer.

So black fridays coming and Im so excited! I’m going to get a digital camcorder. I dont care how much… well I do, but I saw what they normally are so anything less will be fine.

I wont discuss school.

I will discuss hottie with a body that I’m crushin on. =)

I wont discuss the fact that this entire entry sounds like it was written by a sixteen year old girl.

I don’t like a lot of people anymore. Lifes better this way. And I think this guy could be the next boyfriend. IF.. that is.. I want him to be.


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