3rd entry of the night, 2nd public one. Cant sleep. My L button isnt working every time I press it. And I have class in 2 hours.

xche x babex (5:24:19 AM): im not an insomniac
xche x babex (5:24:25 AM): I just… i have no idea
xche x babex (5:24:31 AM): sometimes i can sleep for days
xxXjohnkimbleXxx (5:25:22 AM): thats the problem
xxXjohnkimbleXxx (5:25:28 AM): once the schedule is fucked up
xxXjohnkimbleXxx (5:25:32 AM): its fucked up for good

Dont I know it


censored to keep everyone from knowing just how crazy I actually am

xche x babex (11:00:45 PM): i just was looking at ____’s ex girlfriend’s wedding pictures
xche x babex (11:00:56 PM): and it made me want to get married. and i hate that bitch ha
xstrwbery kisszx (11:01:20 PM): lolllll
xche x babex (11:01:14 PM): so i wrote a facebook note about how getting married at 20 is stupid. it made me feel better

Ah, there’s nothing like ranting about something you actually sometimes want. Turning jealousy into an angry vent that points out the flaws of others is always a great way to feel better about yourself. Cheism # 429.

But really, I do think they’re all too young. too too young. And it gets me mad. I don’t know why.

(No offense to ANDRI_ROCK4LIFE. youre an exception)

I’ve ruined my immune system. I’m sick.. and exhausted. Didn’t sleep last night, class at 7:30, then breakfast. At 10 I decided to take an hour nap. I woke up at 1:50, already 20 minutes late for my class. I got there, wrote 11 pages of various papers, and by the time I got home I was feeling sick as hell. Then my mom came and… well, ‘blah blah blah.’ Im tired and sick and tired and sick.

Canon ZR500, Premiere and Algebra

So Adobe Premiere is supposed to rival Mac’s FinalCutPro, which I also have in the house. However I personally use a PC, so I dled Premiere. I have NO idea how to use this program. I succesfully did learn how to clip my audio and video to create my own starting and ending points. I also some how put a lightning bolt in the middle of the video. However, I dont know how to view such additions to the video while editing it. It’s like I have to save it and preview it. I dont understand this shit. Also, some of the graphics I tried to put in just wouldn’t work. This is all because I don’t understand what I’m doing. So tomorrow I’ll be off to Barnes and Noble to get whatever book I can find. Hopefully theres a Adobe Premiere 6.5 for Dummies book somewhere?

Secondly I bought my digital camcorder today. I was going to wait until I had more money to buy a better one, but this will do for now. This is a lot easier to use, and I’ve got it all down by now. The effects are silly but fun. Regardless, it’s better than my crappy HP DIGITAL CAMERA I was using to record video. All in all, I better learn this program because I know it gives me the potential to make some impressive shit. Unfortunately Windows Movie Maker is a lot easier to figure out. I always have had a hard time with Adobe.

On a different note, math class in 3 1/2 hours. I’m debating whether I should even go to bed at all. After math I have a hell of a lot of English hw to do before that class at 1:30. However, after English I’m free as a bird so I can sleep the day away if I want to. So.. I should go to bed, then just suffer between the hours of 7-3:30. After those grueling 8 hours (ha omgosh, 8 HOURS!) I can sleep all I want. Okay I’ll take a power nap between 10-11. Jeez, next semester I’m not taking a single class before 10, and even thats pushing it. I choose 11 to be the earliest.


Happy turkey day, Turkey!

I love THANKSGIVING! The foooooooooooood, the family, the everything. And today its also my dads birthday. I better get going.

Now what am I going to say when they ask me what I'm thankful for? And about school (which im doing fine in!). AND about love. Crash and burn. If I eat the whole night.. I wont be able to talk to anyone bc my mouth will be full. Good thinking Che!



2nd update of the night. Awesome.

1) That ‘huuge’ paper I had to write for history that I had more than a month to write and ended up writing 3 hours before class.. yeah, I scored a 96 on that bad boy.

2) Matt Sharpe saved my life tonight. He very conveniantly asked to hang out right as I was about to crack and buy cigarettes. So I got a strawberry smoothie instead. Holler. NO cancer for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

3) Target and Best Buy are LINED with these really hilarious people who are camping out all night to be able to get their hands on the new Nintendo Wii. Tents, chairs, blankets and jackets. My take on all of this? Just wait until next week when they’re all over every shelf of every store.

And that’s the end.

Im in the process of quitting smoking. Everytime I want one, I think about actually buying a pack and how I’d actually be disappointed in myself if I lit up a cigarette. So, I think this is going to be for real. Plus I chewed that gum that helps you quit today and it did help me, seeing as a few days ago I was in a cold sweat. Today I was fine, except maybe a taad irritable. I cant wait to be fully done with them. Ah, they make me so tired, and give me headaches, and theyre smelly and unattractive. Plus I’ve been giving up a lot lately and this just is perfectly in there too. Bye bye lung cancer.

So black fridays coming and Im so excited! I’m going to get a digital camcorder. I dont care how much… well I do, but I saw what they normally are so anything less will be fine.

I wont discuss school.

I will discuss hottie with a body that I’m crushin on. =)

I wont discuss the fact that this entire entry sounds like it was written by a sixteen year old girl.

I don’t like a lot of people anymore. Lifes better this way. And I think this guy could be the next boyfriend. IF.. that is.. I want him to be.