Purple Haze

So Shaun’s leaving for school on Thursday night meaning we have tonight and tomorrow only =(

SO what are we doing for the next two nights? The same thing we do every night. Hopefully maybe possibly tomorrow we’ll be going to Mike’s to vape, but who really knows. I just want to vape with Shaun so bad before he goes away, because I have to do as much as we can this summer!!!

Doctors appointment in about 3 hours. If I pass my neurological exam… which I obviously will… he’ll fill out a paper that says I can drive again. Then I send it to insurance, continue to save up money and wallllaaaaaaaaa….. Che’s back on the road haha. I made 400 dollars this weekend, that’s not too shabby huh?

So yeah, this whole going to brookdale thing… it’s going to be okay. Work is fine, I like it a lot more than I used to. The people are fine. My life is fine.. I gotta get back in touch with my NJ cousins but I’m doing good. I just need to save the money and not think about Lee at all. And I need to visit there soon hah. November= Me Tony and Meghan roadtripping to SUNY Buffalo and then to Canada to celebrate Shaun’s birthday. That’s something fun.

I should wait until around November or late 2nd semester to visit Lee. That way everyone’s beginning of the semester fronts will be down, the fake friendships will already have begun to weaken.. and everything will be just how I want it; like the good old days.

(Just remember why you left. It’s a very valid reason. You didn’t do well, so now Brookdale for a year to catch up for a very low price. Also, you are deciding whether or not to change to a film major. This isn’t something Lee has. So therefor, no more Lee. But you are allowed to go back if you ever want.) And that makes me feel good.


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