I picked me.

I can’t lie to myself. I made a stupid mistake. Now I do feel kind of sad I let myself get used in that way again. And really, I just am falling right now into that abyss. But my summer has been so great. If I was being dumb I’d be saying things like, “All the boys! The parties! The drugs!” But I’m not dumb. I made some really great friends this summer. Good experiences. And now I’m getting ready to go back to school and see what happens. The trivial things of my youth are just.. trivial and youthful. I see the deeper roots that substance plants, as opposed to the shallow and uneven foundations put down by partying and all that bullshit. Do it, fine. But don’t rely on it. Because eventually it’s going to all cave in.

My present is brighter than my past, but my future is RADIANT.

Now I’m off to Tony’s.


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