Do you remember when we used to sing shalalalalalalalatadidadida

My cough is back..again. This is the third time it has returned since February. When I first got it, it was paired with a 104 fever, a throat so sore it was swollen almost to the point where I couldn’t breath, and horrible fluid was constantly causing me to choke. But all those symptoms eventually went away.. except for this cough that woke me during my sleep constantly during the last months of my spring semester. What happens is I have it for a long time, then it goes into some sort of remission for a few weeks- just long enough for me to forget about it. Then, it returns and quickly over stays its welcome which isn’t hard to do. I should go to the doctor for the fourth time.

I felt really lonely tonight. The ones I really wanted to talk to haven’t been talking to me lately.. very abnormal. One of them I believe may be trying to just drop me or prove to themselves they don’t need me. The other is just flighty as hell. Regardless, it’s lonely way up here away from ‘home’. Where the hell is my home though? Even I don’t know.. and I thought I did.



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