Anastasia Beaverhousen.

Well everything is really going pretty well. I like my job, even though it’s still a bit overwhelming. I work tonight, my first friday night shift which is the hardest of the week, but so do Britt Holly and Tony so it’s not so bad. I’m bound to be in the same section as of one them. Other than that I’ve just been reconnecting with myself and all. Moving forward. This isn’t so horrible after all.

It’s starting to get hot out so yesterday we swam in the pool which is something I haven’t done in what feels like ages. Then to cool off we had margaritas, martinis and slushed screwdrivers. Delicious and very effective. Then a huge thunderstorm rolled in. Lightening every 5 seconds and deafening thunder, it was awesome. We sat on the porch smoking cigarettes and watching the storm. But, I had drank a little much and was getting a little tired so I went home and by 12:30 I was in bed! I woke today at 8:30, fully awake, attentive…. 8:30!!! That never has ever happened. I’m going to drop Mom and Mick to the bus station because they have a wedding to go to in the city and won’t be home until tomorrow night. Then I’m going to lunch with Tony, work at 4:15, and tonight some huge party in south Jersey. Tomorrow work again where I’ll be completely hung over and gross.. unless I’m lucky.

WEDNESDAY IM GOING TO A TAPING OF THE PEOPLES COURT! It’s in New York City all you southerners who know not of what I say. And just to clear things up, when I say ‘the city’ I mean NYC.. Shari didn’t know that for a long time until she finally asked what city I was always referring to. Anyway I’m excited, maybe I’ll be on tv as one of those glum-faced witnesses sitting in the pews. Later this week it’s off to Philly to finally get out fake I.D’s.. ugh how highschool. But with more than a year to go it’s increasingly inconvenient to not be able to buy our own.

Will and Grace is on so I’ll go watch it until I drop them off.


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