There’s no place like home

I’m home and out of the hospital finally!!! I never want to have to stay in a hospital again. I’ll update about what happened tomorrow. Just know God protected me from what could have been a life ending accident.


She has all the control in the beginning. The challenge is getting her to trust you with it

I found a new song today that I’m loving.

Fairy Tale by Blue October, also known as Balance Beam. It’s perfect and really, it makes more sense to me as of last night.

That kid, I gave him the ‘just friends’ routine. Now, who’s next?

I am going to South Carolina because Shari finally texted me.

A daydream believer

Interesting. Everything is very interesting. I’m not really all that interested in him romantically but I am interested in who he is. Anyway tomorrow watching The Boondock Saints and I’m going to to edit some of his writing.

Made so much money today and I didn’t expect it. I’m getting better at my job though when it rains, it pours.. you know? As in when I do make mistakes, it’s a lot. But I’m getting more confident at it and it’s not so bad.

I’m watching Dog Bites Man and I like it.

Tomorrow it’s Brookdale to set things up. I’m going to take some film classes.

Whatever. Life is life and it’s ever changing. Learn to deal with it.

Love love.

The kind of dream that gets you up and leaves you laying there, fully awake

I just had a horrible dream.

It was my wedding day but I didn’t want to marry him, I didn’t know his family and they didn’t like me. The only reason I didn’t call it off was because my whole fam had already flown in and I didn’t want to be that dysfunctional. But it was just such a tragic and hopeless feeling. There are so many more details but I’m not going into them- but just, ugggh. I am not getting married a for a while now and never unless it is absolutely right. Unless it’s God basically.

Work in an hour and a half.

(((And theres this one thing I keep wanting to do, but lately when I go to do it, I stop. Because I am slowly not wanting to anymore. It’s growth.)))


Tonight something cool happened and I don’t know.. it just proves that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and you never really know just how close to that light you are. It sorta springs up on you sometimes.

I’m excited and just.. I’m learning more and more everyday how to ignore that pulling on my heart that I so often feel. And I’m learning to push the thoughts out of my head that cause that little twinge of pain.

Regardless, I SEE THE LIGHT! Ha.. but now, should I actually go toward it? Aye Yi Yi.