I don’t ever wanna feel like I did that day, take me to the place I love, take me all the way.

I want to go to film school or work with film somehow. The video Shari and I were working on is getting closer to being finished. I almost have all the video and pictures in the right spots and all the music is edited. All I have to do is go through and make the material fit with the beats better. Then Mick’s going to help me burn them onto dvd’s so we can watch it on TV.

I’m hoping to get an Ibook soon. Mick has Final Cut Pro!!! So when I do get my apple I’ll have FINAL CUT PRO, which is what they used to cut Brokeback Mountain by the way. Meaning, it’s top of the line shit and I’ll have it. I’ve thought of a documentary I want to make and once I do.. once it’s finished way down the line, I’ll submit it. If nothing else it will get me accepted into film school, though Mick thinks the video I made of last semester is good enough. I don’t. But if things go amazingly well I’d like to submit this documentary I’m picturing into some sort of film festival. A small festival is good enough, because if it does well it’ll get submitted into larger ones. Let me remind you this is years down the line.

My mom pierced my ears today because at the doctors office they pierce baby ears so she did it to me. That’s good, my third hole is back.

The schmidts came over Thursday night. We drank, talked, good times and all.

Tomorrow I’m going into the city. Taking pictures in Central Park will be fun.

I finally got some CDRs so I’m burning all those CD’s I ripped from Shari so that I can free up space on my Dell.



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