This is a full blown vent.

You’re not the one for me. I don’t know who is. But I am officially done thinking about the future we won’t ever be sharing.

Just fuck. Fuck this. Fuck you. Fuck it all. It’s been a waste of me to even worry about it all for so fucking long. Good bye. Please just say good-bye because its not worth to stay on as a fan for a romance that ONLY HALF OF THE PARTY BELIEVE IN. Too immature to even tell the truth to girls. You’re not a man yet. I’m sorry.

Ugh to think of how immature even I have been in this whole thing, totally handled the entire situation without maturity and I didn’t hold myself up in a high enough esteem. Not to mention you still bring me down. NOT everything can be blamed on, “Oh you’re a girl.” NO, it’s not because I’m a girl.. this is my personality. These traits make me different from other people. This is who I am, these are my beliefs, this is my moral code and this is how I live my life, with these logics and this way of thinking. This is how you get to know someone jackass. Stop. Oh man, really I’m mad but it’s not worth it. So I’m just going to go relax and allow time for the steam to clear.

I just don’t like being alone out there. Who is going to be my safe haven? My escape? My person to come to at the end of the day and say “You won’t believe those savages out there.” I don’t have any one to protect me. And thus, the heart keeps yearning. YOURE SO LOST! BE FOUND DAMNIT!


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