wrote this letter

First off, learn to keep my name out of your fucking mouth. Since you obviously don’t hold yourself in a high enough esteem to deal with a break-up maturely, you need to learn to keep Jon’s name out of your mouth too. Sweetie, dont even think about him.
One would think that when you left high school you would have left behind petty drama as well. Apparently you’re too juvenile to handle things with class and grace. You fucked up! You’re too immature and clingy and inexperienced to be in a real relationship- deal with it. Saying ‘I love you’ after only a month or so proves you are no where near ready for any type of romance. And to then go so low as to lie about Jon, and to the people from his CHURCH of all things, claiming because you wouldn’t sleep with him he got turned off by you- pathetic. This just shows your true lack of character. It’s painfully obvious you’re just hurt, and you may even have a broken heart- but handle it like a woman. Jon would never not be with someone because they wouldn’t sleep with him, and if you dont know this then you really dont know him at all. Not that thats hard to believe. So get back to your little cosmetology school (where you should learn how to make yourself look halfway decent before working on anybody else), and fuck off honey.


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