I don’t ever wanna feel like I did that day, take me to the place I love, take me all the way.

I want to go to film school or work with film somehow. The video Shari and I were working on is getting closer to being finished. I almost have all the video and pictures in the right spots and all the music is edited. All I have to do is go through and make the material fit with the beats better. Then Mick’s going to help me burn them onto dvd’s so we can watch it on TV.

I’m hoping to get an Ibook soon. Mick has Final Cut Pro!!! So when I do get my apple I’ll have FINAL CUT PRO, which is what they used to cut Brokeback Mountain by the way. Meaning, it’s top of the line shit and I’ll have it. I’ve thought of a documentary I want to make and once I do.. once it’s finished way down the line, I’ll submit it. If nothing else it will get me accepted into film school, though Mick thinks the video I made of last semester is good enough. I don’t. But if things go amazingly well I’d like to submit this documentary I’m picturing into some sort of film festival. A small festival is good enough, because if it does well it’ll get submitted into larger ones. Let me remind you this is years down the line.

My mom pierced my ears today because at the doctors office they pierce baby ears so she did it to me. That’s good, my third hole is back.

The schmidts came over Thursday night. We drank, talked, good times and all.

Tomorrow I’m going into the city. Taking pictures in Central Park will be fun.

I finally got some CDRs so I’m burning all those CD’s I ripped from Shari so that I can free up space on my Dell.


“What are you doing?” “Livin’ the dream.”

I am exhausted. There’s still a ton of beer and bacardi swirling around in my stomach and I’m still a bit nauseous. I remember my head hitting the pillow, adding to the list of beds I’ve slept in that aren’t mine. A few hours later some one wakes me up and I have to head home with Tony and Mikey because Kelly has work. It’s now 9 am and I’ve been awake for 2 hours. My body is exhausted, my blinds are about to lazily cover the morning sun, and my fan will soon be on to drown out the chirping birds and the footsteps of the conscious. By 4 I will wake, shower and get ready for another interesting day of working at a job I know nothing about. Thus is summer.

One thing: Why do I attract the ones with out a dental plan??? Hahaha.

I remember when me and Jon broke up I received so many emails from people that I never would have expected, just checking in on me and making sure I was okay. Emails of encouragement and ones just to remind me that they’re here for me. Looking back, that is amazing. How fortunate I am to have such people in my life. And a lot of these letters came from people I didn’t know very well or people that I hung around but not really with. How incredibly nice are these people. Truly caring.
Okay so I now look at myself and see people breaking up, people whose lives I was apart of while they were dating and had just began talking and all. And I see it and think to myself, “Oh wow, they broke up. Huh.” And that’s it. Am I calloused?

Light hearted

I served a lot today by myself!!

This whole waitressing thing is actually going to work. I’m shocked.

I’m also really happy right now and everything that is on my plate will get worked out so what’s there to worry about? I’m in God’s hands and fortunately, his are the best.


A nutshell of an update.

So let’s have some what of recap.
I started working at Chili’s today, the orientation was yesterday but I was actually on the floor this morning. It was okay, I’ll do fine once I get situated.

I went to Philly on Tuesday with Justin Greg and Tony to meet up with Corey. They all got along which was a huge relief. I had fun but really I was glad to see Corey. I didn’t know when I ever would again. I bought Elliot Smith’s Either/Or cd and a great Johnny Cash poster, though I saw a better one after I bought this one. We all got incredibly lost on the way to south street, mainly because we passed it and walked miles beyond where we should have been, resulting in 5 sweaty and exhausted people. Then looking for the car we four forgot where we had parked and it took an hour and a half to find the parking garage on 8th street because we thought we had parked on 6th. Literally I prayed and then just had this strong feeling as to what direction it was in- and it was =). Here’s a few pictures from that.


These Guys

So I went to Brookdale on Monday and let me just show you my new school:

Atleast there’s grass…
I can’t wait to go back to Lee but I’ll do my time. Leaving BDale it should only take 15-20 minutes to get home. But once again my lack of directional sense came in and I got way lost and went really out of my way.

The other day me and Tony cleaned out his hottub and drained it to get it ready for another summer of drunken debauchery. Fortunately we quickly came up with a better idea of getting his little sister and her friend to clean it out. We were slave masters:

(I’m in oversized cleaning clothes- Tony’s. I’m not actually obese..yet)

And then there was Mother’s Day. We bought my mom her favorite movie (When Harry Met Sally) and a bouquet of flowers, a perfect card that brought her to tears and a new baking glass. Then I went to Dad’s and gave Dina a book (full of quotes about mothers and daughters) which bought her to tears and another great card. I brought Tony with me and we had fun the rest of the night listening to everyone talk and laugh. It was really a great day.

(I swear, my family is actually happy.)

Other than that, I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. Texting and such. PET PEEVE: Being in the middle of texting conversation and then the person just stops talking. Effing rude. Oh and a lot of season finales, I’ve been watching those. Grey’s Anatomy- amazing. And tonight was the finale of Will and Grace which was sad but good. See? My life is now that of an old lady watching ‘her shows.’ I initially went online to download guitar chords because I’m trying to learn but that didn’t work. Then I put in my CD that has the song that I really want to learn. It wouldn’t play. So I decided, since I was already outside with everything hooked up, to do some sort of update.

Tomorrow Britt and I are driving to Knollwood Gardens! The development that we really had our shining young years in. I can’t wait.So many memories will just explode from that place. We’ve been meaning to do this for years.

Tonight I went to Justins to watch Will and Grace, then to the Regent for some delicious food.

I still miss my friends ❤