“Shame on you.”

I’ll describe this weekend in three words: Holy shit. Shananigans.

I am eternally grateful for the forgiveness I have received. I thought I lost my best friend at Lee. I probably did almost lose her.

I may have decided to get a tattoo. Anyone who knows me is aware that I’ve never- ever – wanted a tattoo. I’m constantly changing and I’ve always reasoned that I’d eventually grow out and become tired of anything that definite. Yet, nothing is certain, and I have decided on something that I think will always represent truth to me. Something that has meaning. However, it’s still a secret. Atleast until I make my decision.

Hey, I have a date this week.

4:40. Time for bed.

With every beat my heart grows stronger, my skin is soft yet thick, and life has returned to these emerald eyes.


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