Pizza hut is pretty gross and way expensive.

This weekend was alright. Friday and Saturday we went to the Chattanooga food bank and it wasn’t at all horrible. It went by super fast and was pretty fun. Except I sprained my hand.. because manual labor is not my strong suit. Then last night we went to this hardcore show. Let me tell you.
“I do not belong here!” haha. But it was fun. But, I had the most fun at Waffle House…
And I got to wear Chucks and I love any excuse to wear them. Next time we get to go shopping I’m buying a few pairs.
You know, things just aren’t how they should be. Our dorm room last semester was, toward the end, the room of despair and depression. But this semester it’s the room of slugs and rocks. We think we’re fine, but we’re not.. because there is still this underlying layer of not being content and I don’t know why. I’m pushing on though.
I don’t want to go back to Jersey in May, and Lee has sort have been my ‘hideout’ from home. There’s no distinct reason why I don’t want to go back home.. it has nothing to do with my home itself.. I love my family. But I can’t really go into my reasons here. Just know that if I was at all able to have my own apartment here, if financially I’d be fine.. I would live in Cleveland for the summer. But since most of the freshmen here aren’t too independent they’re all going home, and everyone older who wants an apartment already has plans for roommates and everything this summer. It’s cool, I’ll survive. And I’ll get to see my sister graduate AND help her get ready to move away to college.. that’ll be fun. All the talks we’re bound to have. I’m nervous though that I’m not going to be able to come back. I’ll fight that though to the friggen death.

Anyway, tonight I’m studying with Rachelle. We’re watching Hide and Seek which is an okay movie I guess.

This is the first superbowl sunday that I’m not doing anything. I’m not at all into football but the parties are always fun (and I do watch the commercials ha.) SPEAKING OF PARTIES, I haven’t partied in TOO LONG! I NEED A PARTY! So someone please throw one.


And I need to get my cell phone!


2 responses to “Pizza hut is pretty gross and way expensive.

  1. Did you go to the show at Fathom or another one? I was going to go to that one but my ride didn’t go so I just hung out with my friend and watched “God, The Devil, and Bob” which was hilarious.

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