El Oh Vee E.

You know, dear readers, over half of my entries are private. And the public ones are usually meaningless and in no way deep. I have so much spilling out of my mind, but those thoughts need to stay with me alone. So, when you read this, know that everything said is about 1/800th of my life. And in all actuality, I have many posts about the important things. In fact, my private posts are probably deeper then anything ever written publicly.

All you need to know is that currently in my life I am a bit regretful, very confused, and am trying to do ‘the right thing’ in every aspect of my life. And it’s one of the hardest things I’ve done.

And I want to go back.


2 responses to “El Oh Vee E.

  1. Yeah, mine is about 1/800th of my life as well. I’m sure everyone who reads my journal thinks that all I like to do is sign petitions, involve myself in politics and clean my house. In reality, those are just pieces of me that I choose to let others see. When I reflect on it, I think that the things I am writing about are things others can get involved in (politics) or just random daily activities that people don’t even pay attention to. My private thoughts and some of the more “important” things are kept in the form of a private entry or on another journal entirely.

  2. aww sugar I love you dont regret things youve done theyre mistakes no reason to rip yourself apart of things that already happened

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