We’re watching Fight Club and our dorm wreaks of tuna fish

I have 1 1/2 sentences of my moderately small, yet 300 point, paper. Thus far I completed my presentation, which includes a 3 minute video created by yours truly, group work, discussion pieces and short background information. I’m doing a paper on Sharon Olds; actually it’s a literary review on her poem “Sex Without Love” which I atleast find interesting. I need to decipher and explain it in 3-5 pages. I’m going for 3. Oh, have I mentioned it’s 5:54 in the morning and I have class at 10. Lucking that gives me 4 more hours of play time. My roommate is diagonal from me, lollygagging on the internet as well, with only one page finished. Fortunately we both left this project to the last minute so neither of us has to be considerate and do the paper in the hallway or with the lights off while the other sleeps. After I finish this paper, which I hope is done by 7, I will take a niiice long shower where I will shave perfectly. Around 8 I plan on going to breakfast, which would be a first this semester. The only way I make it to breakfast here is if I don’t sleep. Anyway, I’ll later go to class at 10, then another at 11.

At 12 I get to dress and do my makeup and get all hot looking for Jon’s banquet tonight. Eventually I will collapse from exhaustion but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen until after we get back from the thing tonight. Then I will be able to undress, get comfy and quickly fall into a deep serene sleep.

It’s 5:59, time to bust a paper out. A paper that is worth a lot. A paper that I have no clue how to write.


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