So I’m home. Wednesday I went to my dad’s for his birthday and spent some tuime with Dina Hayley Jordan and Zachy, and my dad obviously. Zach is still gimpin’ around with his cast… he’s been in a cast for over a month a half now. Then Thanksgiving I ate with my mom and then went to Dad’s for desert… said hi to all the family and family friends I havent seen in months/years. Today I went to the mall with Britt and got a new belly ring (since mine fell out in Matt’s car, meaning it’s officially lost in the abyss of crap dwelling on Honeycutt’s floor) and a new dress for whatever formal Jon and I go to. It’s black with straps that look like thick rope, the straps tie around my neck and fall down my back, and on the front it’s triangle cut which fits my boobs (considering they will never stop growing apparently). It goes to a little lower then my knees and it’s flowy. Very cute, fits me well… and you know, I’ll look hot. Tonight I’m going out to dinner then getting together with some friends. Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut (yaaaaaaaaaay). Then sunday, back to Tennessee for about 2 weeks.

All is well-


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