I talked to MARK this weekend. I guess it was Friday? Maybe Thursday. Probably thursday.

Bffff. him and whitney broke up, whaat?! I might get to see him over christmas break. Its been about 3 years since I’ve seen him. 6 months since we last talked, or so.

Tony and I just had a 2 hour conversation about what we’re going to do when we win the lottery. Clubs, restaurants, nonspoiled kids..hell yes. Sugarbaby!

Jon is sick and dying. I hope he gets better soon. I was only sick for 3 days. He’s going on a week.

I have become meek and timid but this stopping TODAY. I figure, if I continue to hold stuff in.. I’m going to constantly feel like crap. Might as well start giving myself the respect I deserve and start vocalizing what I have to say. The worst that could happen is I lose people, but I’ll lose them eventually if I bottle everything up anyway.

I can’t wait to go home!!!! =)


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