So I leave tomorrow for the Dominican with Britt Tony and Mikey! It’s going to be so much fun.. one last big HUGE party week before Tony and I head off to college. What could be more appropriate than a week long vaca with the best… and everything is free for us =) =) =)
We leave tomorrow morning, 4:30 AM. Ah.. hooray

Okay well today is my last day at work, thank goodness. I called out yesterday because I knew I’d be doing crap jobs all day, and I didnt wanna do it. My dad said I “cut off the nose of my own face”.. or some saying.. whatever.

Okay, well after work I’ll be packing, showering, talking to my love, and then going over to Tony’s at 4. Sleep tonight? I think not, that’s what the plane is for.
I’ll be back the 13th

I called my roommate and left her a message today, telling her to call me when I get back from vaca. I hope she calls because when I get back I only have 5 days until we leave, and I need to know what she’s bringing.

Until next time, Doctor Phil is my favorite.


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