21 missed calls

Last night was Tony’s grad party.. it was insane. That is deff the drunkest I’ve ever been. It started so moderately.. just some smirnoff but then we had those test tube shots.. and those captain morgan shots.. and then all those cranberry and vodka drinks I kept ordering and by 11 I was beyond gone. I ended up throwing up my life away and I couldnt even stand… couldnt even crawl! I passed out in Nicky’s bed around 12 and woke up 6 this morning so confused. I don’t remember getting sick at all but every one says I was really the worst theyve seen. this is only my 2nd time getting sick. So today my injuries are this : Both knees black and blue, my nose is swollen from falling onto the bowl I was using, my right eye is horribly blood shot and under my eyes is black and blue, my lip is burnt though I dont know what from since I dont smoke.. and my shoulder is really sore. But it was so much fun!

“Um excuse me but there are little kids around” Screw you guy. Whatever.. good times.. and GREAT pictures


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