this horse can shove it.

All day I’ve felt sick to my stomache. So sick. Yeah I have a cold but thats not why I felt like puking all day. Its because Im an idiot. I hate myself sometimes. I HATE myself sometimes. I feel like such an ass and I messed up and now I have to like… fix this some how. I hate everything right now. I just want to get out of here and go to Lee and be with the schmidts and just.. get out of here.

Now I remember why I stayed single for so long.

Alex was so cool today, I love her so much. <33bbf

And Rach was great too. I have amazing friends.

Im just not cut out liek all teh other girls.. i have morals and damn, I cant waiver from them. It makes me physically sick when I do.

Ive been sleeping so much, hardly eating. I just need to run away.