YOU are a complete jerk. You suck majorly.

Today was today. Nothing spectacular. Kat got herself a MAN ❤ lol awesome. Kat got to meet my butt.. she knows she liked it.

Work wasnt bad.
Giana: "sex sex sex sex"
Danielle: " I havent had crazy wild sex since april"
Giana: "WHOA"
Che: "Psh.. guys I havent had sex in..17 years"
Giana: "Oh.. my.. God."

I think I'm gunna go 2 bed.

undefined rage x: sour cream n onion are th best chips
XXxBebeSweetixXx: true
undefined rage x: baked sou cream n onions
undefined rage x: are the best
XXxBebeSweetixXx: random ims about potato chips are the best
undefined rage x: LOL

Have I told you latley that i hate freakin faggots?
Have i told you latly that he reminds me of Bob Saggot?
You fill other guys butts with your cream..
Ooooo you love to make them screamm


this song is EXACT.

Remember they thought we were too young
To really know what it takes to make it
But we had survived off what we have done
So we could show them all that they’re mistaken
But who could have known
The lies that would grow
Until we could see right through them
Remember they knew we were too young
We still don’t know what it takes to make it

What happened to us?
We used to be so perfect
Now we’re lost and lonely
What happened to us?
And deep inside I wonder
Did I loose my only one?

sometimes i miss him..ugh, blech.