dont F*%$@*G spray water on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *turns into hulk and kills che*

Hmm.. long time. Okay, friday was halloween and I hadda work but I ran outta there an hour early and went to Kats house. After ppl left, we went to her backyard where her sister, brother and her brothers friends were and there was a fire going so we sat around that and ate smores and I told them that I like Bush.. and they were all like “oooh man! if u like babies and the constitution and freedom then bush isnt the guy for you’ and we started getting into a fight and so then we stopped.. then I drank milk because they’re vegans.. so I was the opposite of them.. im the kriptonite to their superman. I slept over kats house which was fun.. I danced.. she cleaned up… it was a party. I found the handycam for 205 bucks on Ebay.. thats a lot cheaper then 1000 dollars, eh. But I’ll wait til its not so brand new until I buy one.. and I gotta wait to see how high the bidding gets. If I’m lucky, I’ll beable to get one in a few weeks for $300. Rockin.
This week I’m only working monday and tuesday.. then im off til next monday. I got off of work for thursday and friday because I have no school, so Tenielle might sleep over one of those days.. and I might go to Scary Movie with jayce on friday.
This wednesday is a revival at my school, shawn and tenielle will be there and then we’re going to wednesday night… oh excuse me.. the NEW wednesday night at bordentown. I’m excited.. its a whole new thing.. and shawns gunna be the youth pastor there.. so its like my youth pastor is gunna be one of my great friends.. which is cool.
Yesterday I squirted this kid with water at work.. and he flipped out.. went insane.. grabbed my wrist and freaked out on me. It was so scary.. so what did I do? I sprayed him again.. which caused him to throw down the broom (he was sweeping) and he turned to me and said something hostile, i cant remember what.. and walked away and went on break. He was already upset before me and my jokes.. and i guess i was the last thing he could take. I’m a jerk, I know. I instigate people. i should be shot. BUt afterwards he came back and was normal.. well.. as normal as he gets. But I am so scared of him now, and I refuse to ever be alone with him again and I will never trust him. Idk if I will ever even like him again. That was scary dude.. but my manager.. you know what she did? she came after me with the water and squirted me and told me not to squirt him because ‘he apparently cant take it’.. but did she grab his wrist and tell him not to physically attack his wonderful coworker che? No. no she didnt. But w/e.. I atagonized.. i deserved it. I swear Im not usually a jerk, idk why i was. Oh yeah now I remember.. because he was being gay.
I Just finished a report on St. Augustine. Interesting guy. Annointed maybe. Idk.
Oh, I found out some interesting stuff about my former coworkers.
Okay, heres a list:
1)you remember nicole
2)you remember trisha before she did photo
3)you remember when che and trisha were the only girls besides pharmacy
4)you know who dave is and have actually talked to him
5)you remember the ghetto vaccuum, then the new battery powered vaccuum, then having to use the ghetto one again because jayce broke the new one
6)you remember ‘the list’ (the original one)
7) you took part in the sexual harrassement of making the boys “spin” for us
8)you remember the time when you could steal anything and everything and no one would know * i never did this though *
9) you remember Rob
10)you know how to ring anything up any price u want because you’ve remembered the numbers for all the $1 items
11) you know the number for top soil by heart
12) you remember register 2 as the main register and the customer service
register didn’t exist
13) you remember wanting a name tag
14) you remember the store being hotter inside then outside

..okay im bored of that now.. laterzzz!