I think I can’t, I think I can’t, but I think you can I think you can

Tonight at work this girl Trisha got in a fight with one of the mngrs. Jen. Crazy stuff. And this kid Steve drove me home.. which was cool. I’ve been drinking so much water lately! Tomorrow morning I want to lay out and start on that tan I dont have.. in a few I’m going to wawa with Ryan cuz he said he needs to get out, poor ryan. His grandma died so things are hectic at home I’m guessing. Anyway, nothing much going on. Mark is coming up from Florida tomorrow but who knows when I’ll see him. Shawns coming home on Thursday, who knows when I’ll see him either lol, but I bet tenielles happy! I think kat is mad at me! eek. I finished the left behind book, woohoo! 1 down, a million more to go.
Okay, this kid from drug fair thinks im a flirt… gee i hope no one else thinks that, because I am not a flirt.. im just very friendly.. heh. Oh man.